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We deliver the hottest pizza, with the coldest beer right to your front door

We're open 4:30PM - 10:00PM

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Beer orders can only be made by persons 18 years of age or older. Beer orders can only be received by persons 18 years of age or older, age verified.

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How we started:

Three Jets fans/Winnipeg entrepreneurs developed the Hops Pizza concept over months of meetings while constantly refining the idea and processes needed to make it happen.

The group spent endless days and nights coming up with recipes, working with regulatory organizations, and developing the needed technology to make Hops Pizza happen. After some trials and tribulations, the founding group found the right mix of pizza, beer, regulations, and technology. Once they had put all the pieces together, Hops Pizza was born right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba! We are currently delivering the best pizza in town, with cold beer/coolers, and also carry a large variety of snack options!

While we currently only deliver within Winnipeg, we have plans to bring Hops Pizza to the rest of Manitoba and then outwards to the rest of Canada! Make sure to stay up to date as our story continues. We hope to bring Hops Pizza to a city near you very soon.

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